Torque Calibration

Calibration of torque instruments is essential to maintaining their accuracy and longevity. Performing a calibration ensures that the instrument remains compliant with its stipulated standards thereby also ensuring that measurements are as accurate and reliable as possible. Without a calibration general wear and tear can have a detrimental effect on the tool’s internal workings, potentially leading to incorrect, and therefore unreliable, readings.


Torque tools are calibrated to apply a certain amount of torque to a fastener. The amount of torque that is applied depends on the amount of force on the tool’s handle and the length of the wrench.

The handle contains an internal mechanical indicator which connects to a calibrated scale. When the indicator determines the desired torque has been reached, stop twisting the bolt.

It’s important to have your torque wrench calibrated regularly as if the wrench falls out of calibration it could provide inaccurate readings.

These inaccurate readings could be dangerous, especially in industries such as automotive where applying the wrong amount of torque to a wheel fastener could cause it to come loose, or to shear off.

Why choose SLAB Calibration Service?

SLAB is the only accreditation body that is recognized by government to assess, against the globally recognized standards, businesses that provide scale inspection services. SLAB combines the large amount of technical knowledge and expertise they have amassed over the years with scientific and technical specialists that operate across a wide range of inspection activities. On their website, they have a handy summary of why companies should choose a SLAB accredited laboratory like WAGA for the calibration of their equipment.

WAGA isn't a Calibration Laboratory—our Island wide service departments take care of all repairs. WAGA is an on-site maintenance service Provider available on a regular schedule for your Torque Wrenchs, Wherever you are located, it is a practical, cost-effective way to ensure your instruments maintain proper working performance. The WAGA team of highly qualified, trained technicians evaluate each machine's conformity to applicable industry standards.

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