Textile Equipment Calibration

It is important to ensure that your Textile Testing Equipment are displaying accurate results and performing a calibration ensures that the readings taken by your device are accurate to a set standard. Our team are able to assess a large selection of Textile Testing equipment and make adjustments as necessary to revert the apparatus back to the standard measurement range. If calibration isn’t performed, general wear and tear can have an effect on the internal workings of the device, ultimately leading to incorrect readings every time the textile testing equipment is used.

WAGA Calibration services With Textile Factories having to place greater emphasis on quality, confidence in measurement is paramount. The experience of the highly qualified professional staff, along with a state-of the-art Laboratory enables WAGA Calibrations to meet customer’s requirements and conforming to the most exacting standards.

WAGA has updated their calibration lab to calibrate much of the equipment used by personnel on Textile Factories. You'll have the confidence knowing that your equipment is giving you the right information or that maybe it's time to replace a tool that won't calibrate within tolerance. If you have equipment that needs calibration, just contact us and we'll get everything set up for you.

The latter is great for those with a large amount of equipment that would be inconvenient to ship; instead, our technicians will come to you and perform comprehensive on-site calibration of your Textile Testing Equipment.

In terms of repair, we can get torque equipment repaired directly by manufacturers and can also repair selected torque equipment in-house.

ISO17025 Accredited Washing Machine Calibration

Calibration of your Laboratory/Industrial Washing Machine has two objectives. First, it checks the instrument's accuracy and determines the measurement's traceability. In practice, calibration also includes repair of the device if it is out of calibration.

Not every washing machine is calibrated at the factory. And that's not a bad thing because by calibrating at the customer's place, it is done more accurately. That's why it's essential to calibrate your washing machine when you've just plugged it in.

Calibration defines the accuracy and quality of measurements recorded using a piece of equipment. Over time there is a tendency for results and accuracy to 'drift', mainly unnecessary vibration and noise or measuring parameters such as temperature and humidity. To be confident in the results being measured, there is an ongoing need to maintain the calibration of Laboratory/Industrial Washing Machine throughout its lifetime for reliable, accurate and repeatable measurements. The goal of calibration is to minimize any measurement uncertainty by ensuring the accuracy of test equipment. Calibration quantifies and controls errors or uncertainties within measurement processes to an acceptable level. Because calibrating your washing machine can also make it more energy efficient, it cannot harm to repeat this once in a while.

ISO17025 Accredited Heat Transfer Machine Calibration

A heat press is a machine that utilizes heat to apply designs onto various substrates. It uses a combination of pressure from the heated upper platen onto the lower platen to achieve its results. The majority of presses are used to apply for heat transfers onto a range of garments. However, a range of different types of presses can be used to apply such transfers to other items, such as mugs, caps, and balls. Most, if not all, machines have a digital display on which you can set the time and temperature. Some more expensive machines will also allow you to set the pressure digitally.

In order to achieve excellent results with the heat transfer process, however, you must ensure accuracy and consistency for measuring tools by comparing against reference calibrating equipment and then making adjustments as necessary.The primary significance of Heat transfer Machine calibration is that it maintains accuracy, standardization and repeatability in measurements, assuring reliable benchmarks and results. Without regular calibration, the equipment can fall out of spec, provide inaccurate measurements, and threaten quality, safety, and longevity.

Accuracy in Garment manufacturing is a crucial metric for the quality and performance of a process or finished product in the printing industry. If a part is not produced within a customer’s required specifications, which are determined by the application of the product, there are more than likely going to be negative consequences. So why is calibration necessary? The importance of accuracy in manufacturing also illustrates the importance of calibration, since manufacturing equipment must be correctly calibrated to perform to specifications. Achieving the essential accuracy and ISO quality requirements without adequately calibrated equipment is impossible.

Why choose SLAB Calibration Service?

SLAB is the only accreditation body that is recognized by government to assess, against the globally recognized standards, businesses that provide scale inspection services. SLAB combines the large amount of technical knowledge and expertise they have amassed over the years with scientific and technical specialists that operate across a wide range of inspection activities. On their website, they have a handy summary of why companies should choose a SLAB accredited laboratory like WAGA for the calibration of their equipment.

WAGA isn't a Calibration Laboratory—our Island wide service departments take care of all repairs. WAGA is an on-site maintenance service Provider available on a regular schedule for your Textile Testing Equipment Wherever you are located, it is a practical, cost-effective way to ensure your instruments maintain proper working performance. The WAGA team of highly qualified, trained technicians evaluate each machine's conformity to applicable industry standards.

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