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At WAGA we understand that precise and accurate pressure measurements are essential to our customers’ in-process safety, compliance, and management efficiency.Our team of experienced professionals can accurately test and measure all types of gauges using our traceable hydraulic / Phenumatic calibration equipment. When testing a gauge we conduct rising pressure tests and falling pressure tests. This checks that your gauge accurately measures increases as well as decreases in pressure.
Our constantly-growing calibration laboratory is currently able to calibrate equipment to the following specifications:
Furthermore, should the need arise, we are also able to repair test equipment. Sometimes the team may find errors when performing a calibration, once you give us the go ahead, we can repair these faults,calibrate your device and ensure that your test equipment is safe for use and gives correct readings for another year.
We offer calibration on the following Gauges,
We can calibrate vacuum gauges up to -1bar. To do this we use a fully traceable pressure calibrator which can precisely pull a vacuum from zero to -1bar.
We calibrate these in exactly the same way as normal pressure gauges. However, our technicians also perform basic functionality checks on your device to make sure everything is working correctly. Since digital pressure gauges often have additional functions, these checks can help to spot common problems and steps can be taken to repair them.
We can calibrate and set release valves to the customer’s required parameters. Please state the pressures to which you would like the valve to be set when you send in your instrument for calibration. If values are not stated we will calibrate the whole scale of the unit.

We perform multiple tests when calibrating a Druck. The first set of tests are rising pressure tests; the purpose of these tests is to make sure that your Druck is maintaining pressure and that the pressure your Druck is outputting is stable and accurate.

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