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Guarantee the accuracy and reliability of your sound and vibration measurement instruments with our comprehensive acoustic calibration service

Maintaining the accuracy of your noise and vibration measurement instruments is essential in order to protect your employees, the environment and your business from the risks excessive exposure can pose. Cirrus Research offers a world-class factory calibration service. Every single component of your instrument will be tested both acoustically and electrically, and every parameter that it measures is verified to ensure absolute accuracy. Regular sound meter calibration is important to guarantee the reliability of the data your instrument captures, as well as to remain compliant with local health and safety legislation.

Why is acoustic calibration important?

If you are using your noise measurement instruments to meet any Standards, Regulations or Guidelines, it is essential that your equipment is measuring accurately. Most modern standards, regulations of guidelines will clearly state the standards to which the equipment must comply.

For example, the 2005 Control of Noise At Work Regulations states "Your sound level meter should meet at least Class 2 of BS EN 61672-1:2003 (the current instrumentation standard for sound level meters)..", "Your dosemeter should meet the requirements of BS EN 61252:1997 Dosemeters have no type or class number." and "Your calibrator should meet at least Class 2 of BS EN 60942:2003".

Similarly, BS 4142:2014 states: "Select systems for measuring sound pressure levels, including microphone(s), cable(s), windscreen(s), recording devices and other accessories which conform to BS EN 61672-1, Class 1, for free-field application, as appropriate. Filters, where used, should conform to BS EN 61260, Class 1, and sound calibrators to BS EN 60942, Class 1."

If you are going to continue to use your noise measurement instruments over a long period, it is vital that they continue to meet these same standards and this is why calibration, both Field Calibration and Periodic Verification, are an essential part of undertaking noise measurements.

Why choose SLAB Calibration Service?

SLAB is the only accreditation body that is recognized by government to assess, against the globally recognized standards, businesses that provide scale inspection services. SLAB combines the large amount of technical knowledge and expertise they have amassed over the years with scientific and technical specialists that operate across a wide range of inspection activities. On their website, they have a handy summary of why companies should choose a SLAB accredited laboratory like WAGA for the calibration of their equipment.

WAGA isn't a Calibration Laboratory—our Island wide service departments take care of all repairs. WAGA is an on-site maintenance service Provider available on a regular schedule for your Sound Meter Wherever you are located, it is a practical, cost-effective way to ensure your instruments maintain proper working performance. The WAGA team of highly qualified, trained technicians evaluate each machine's conformity to applicable industry standards.

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