Nondestructive Testing

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) is a varied group of test and inspection processes used to detect surface / sub-surface defects or inconsistencies in test samples, without affecting the future operating performance of the inspected parts. This category of test methods is also known as NDT Testing, Non Destructive Examination and Non Destructive Evaluation. WAGA is a fully equipped and accredited independent destructive and non destructive testing lab in SRI LANAK WAGA specializes in testing raw materials and finished parts made of metals and alloys, but some non destructive testing services can also be performed on ceramics,composites, plastics and other solids. Nondestructive weld testing methods are also offered to inspect the quality of welds for Welder and Procedure Qualification and to detect corrosion.

NDT testing for metals & more

WAGA is one of the leading NDT testing labs in the Sri Lanka and offers a range of capabilities for customers requiring non destructive examination and evaluation of metal materials and parts. The layout of our Nondestructive Testing lab and capacities of our equipment enable WAGA to process orders of almost any quantity, as well as materials and parts in all shapes and sizes. Our highly skilled and certified NDT technicians routinely inspect tubing, pipes, bars, plates, castings, fasteners, electronics and more. Lab Testing also performs non-destructive testing on welds and some products made of nonmetals. Our 8000 lb. capacity forklifts and 6000 lb. capacity cranes safely handle large materials.

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