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The accuracy of measuring and weighing devices naturally degrades over time, due to normal wear and tare. This can also occur due to mechanical failure, contamination from hostile production environments and other factors. Having your equipment calibrated by a professional and approved provider like us, will ensure the ongoing accuracy of your device/s.

Good quality measurements can only be achieved if your weighing equipment is regularly calibrated. This will ensure your equipment will meet the requirements of your quality management registration and that you consistently achieve the level/standard of performance that your customers and suppliers demand. Don’t forget that the hidden costs and risks associated with uncalibrated equipment, far outweigh the costs of regular calibration.

Calibration Procedures

As part of service visit the weighing machine is tested in an “as found” state, this provides you with the ability to monitor the performance of the asset from the last time it was adjusted.

If the weighing machine is deemed to be outside of pre-determined tolerances then the next step is the calibration and adjustment of the weighing machine. These readings are then logged as the “definitive” results on the calibration certificate. It is important to properly calibrate your scales on a regular basis, the frequency can be recommended based on monitoring previous definitive results and as found results. Wide variations could mean increased visits are necessary to eliminate errors being left too long.

This calibration and adjustment of balances and scales can be carried out to ISO IEC 17025/SLAB standards. We have calibrated sets of calibration weights to perform adjustments on 7 place ultra-micro balances through to weighbridges.

Why choose SLAB Calibration Service?

SLAB is the only accreditation body that is recognised by government to assess, against the globally recognised standards, businesses that provide scale inspection services. SLAB combines the large amount of technical knowledge and expertise they have amassed over the years with scientific and technical specialists that operate across a wide range of inspection activities. On their website, they have a handy summary of why companies should choose a SLAB accredited laboratory like WAGA for the calibration of their equipment.

Laboratory or on-site services available

Our team of experienced and professional engineers carry out Laboratory or on-site calibration. Our onsite calibration service covers all types of industry including laboratory, medical, retail, logistics, education, agriculture and food production. We offer either annual or periodic onsite calibration, arranged around your requirements and budget.

Our team of service engineers are experienced professionals who have a strong background in the weighing industry, we also have a number of junior engineers that are mentored by our senior team, as part of our commitment to the industry we firmly believe in investing in high training with our partners, this ensures our service team are constantly developing their skills which benefits our clients.

WAGA isn't a Calibration Laboratory—our Island wide service departments take care of all repairs. WAGA is an on-site maintenance service Provider available on a regular schedule for your Electronic Balance. Wherever you are located, it is a practical, cost-effective way to ensure your instruments maintain proper working performance. The WAGA team of highly qualified, trained technicians evaluate each machine's conformity to applicable industry standards.

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