Sri Lanka’s largest integrated & SLAB accredited calibration laboratory

Sri Lankan based, we are an independent calibration laboratory providing SLAB accredited gauge, meter and instrument calibration services throughout the whole of the South Asia. With years of experience spanning all sectors and SLAB accreditations across multiple disciplines, we’re a genuine “one stop shop” for all your measuring instrument services.

The Company was initially provided in identified limited segments with minimum number of technical staff, calibration labs and the testing tools. But with the development of the calibration labs, testing tools and the technical staff, today the company has reached the several milestones as the leading private sector calibration service provider to the local and international markets.

The Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB) is the only accreditation body recognized by government of Sri Lanka to assess organizations that provide testing services against international standards.

As one of the top SLAB accredited calibration laboratories in the Sri Lanka, our engineering team delivers a comprehensive range of services such as Mechanical, Thermal, Mass, Optical, Electrical, Dimensional, Volume, Time & Frequency.
Laboratory accreditation is the formal recognition of an organization’s technical competency to perform specific or types of tests or calibrations. Accreditation is given only to those laboratories that can demonstrate an initial and on-going competence in their field of testing or calibration, and that conform to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025: General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 requires that the laboratory meets the management and technical systems requirements of the standard, that the laboratory has adequate equipment to perform the tests or calibrations, and that the laboratory facility has adequate personnel with the technical competence to perform the tests or calibrations. Our teams of metrology and quality experts ensure that every lab meets internal as well as external assessment continuously.

WAGA offers multiple calibration service options to meet the various quality requirements of our wide range of customers. Our flexible options meet the requirements of ISO 17025:2017, ILAC P14, as well as SLAB’s Policy on Traceability.

Quality has been part of our culture throughout our history. we understand the importance of the accreditation process. We have one of the widest scopes of accreditation in the industry. You can view our lab certificates and scopes of accreditation here.
Quality management at WAGA isn’t simply a single event, but rather an ongoing process of training, assessment and improvement. We have made it a priority to invest in the personnel, training and assets necessary to continually provide the most consistent and trustworthy calibrations.

A big part of trusting your measurements and your calibration service provider’s accuracy is the assurance of calibration process consistency: We maintain centrally controlled datasheets and calibration processes that are used across our labs and technicians. Unlike our competitors’ calibration process that will differ for the same instrument depending on the lab and tech that performed the work.

WAGA documented, internally monitored and externally audited Quality Management Systems exceed ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.
Being an ISO-17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory under Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB), Today we provide the calibration service to different segments in the market with the wider range of calibrating of instruments. Textile, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverages, Universities, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Petroleum, Military, Government, Construction and Validation Service etc…are the key segments, which we provide the calibration services. Worldwide accepted, Class 01 instruments are being used as our master instruments.

Company has professionally qualified, vast experienced, technically skillful calibration methodologists. Thereby we fulfill our customer needs in terms of accurately, advisably, and speedily.We offer a variety of services, including annual calibration contracts, servicing and preventative maintenance, relocation, refurbishment and upgrades, and replacement or spare components. Our calibration engineers travel nationwide to carry out routine calibrations, and also work with our customers globally including India, Maldives, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia etc..
If the accuracy of your results is important to you, we recommend regular calibration of your test equipment to ensure that you are achieving accurate and reliable data.We recommend that calibrations are carried out every year, but we are also able to develop a custom schedule to suit your requirements, which includes hydraulic oil and filter change and preventative maintenance checks. Our wide range of calibration contracts are available to suit your specific calibration needs, whether you have a single test machine, or a full laboratory of test equipment that requires regular servicing.

  • Annual Compaction Simulator contracts, including full and intermediate servicing with oil and filter change
  • Tiered calibration and service contracts over two, three or five years
  • Calibration and service contracts where machines are not in regular use, usually every two years
  • One off calibration visits if you don’t want to be tied in to a contract
Quite often it’s the calibration of your measuring equipment that highlights the need for repair, so it only makes sense that your source for calibration can also repair your measuring equipment. Whether it’s a minor adjustment or a major repair, it’s usually less expensive to repair than to replace.This vast experience enables us to transfer savings to you in the form of Flat Rate Pricing on the most popular instruments we repair, making it easy for you to budget and acquire repair services. Our expertly trained repair technicians can turn your jobs around faster than the OEM – and often for less.

  • WAGA Repair Services is a one-stop-shop for all of your repair needs.
  • High-quality repair services for a broad range of instruments from hundreds of manufacturers.
  • We evaluate each case and find the fastest, most cost-effective repair solution the customer, including repair by WAGA, repair by the manufacturer, or equipment replacement.
  • We then manage the complete repair process to get your equipment back in service as quickly as possible
  • while some manufacturers will not repair older equipment because they’d rather sell new models, WAGA will repair any instrument, extending its life and reducing your capital equipment expenses.
  • If you use WAGA calibration services, equipment found to be out-of-tolerance during calibration can quickly be repaired, calibrated, and returned to service.

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