Bio-Medical Instrument Calibration

The biomedical calibration measurement is the measurement of the accuracy of the medical device or the medical system by using the standard measurement system whose accuracy is known and is the determination and the record of the deviations. Shortly, by the biomedical calibration measurements, it is established whether the medical devices are appropriate to the international standards, and the problems are also determined if the device is not adequate to the international standards (Sezdi, 2012).

The patient’s health is always paramount in all aspects of the services provided by WAGA. To ensure that proper patient care is provided, the equipment used to measure, monitor and treat the patients must work correctly. Therefore, a crucial part is calibrating the medical instruments used in this process.

The WAGA biomedical Calibration services division, specializes in testing & calibration for all biomedical equipments. The WAGA has earned an excellent reputation for technical ability, customer service, and flexibility in handling on-site biomedical testing & calibration services. Whether in our lab or at the customer’s site, our services are highly respected by clients throughout Sri lanka.

All customers will receive an Internationally Valid Certificate of Accredited Calibration, with data and a calibration sticker affixed to the unit, at no extra charge. All work is traceable and Accredited to SLAB/ ISO 17025The safest way forward is to use the services of a SLAB-accredited laboratory, which will prove A laboratory's staff, technical capabilities and management systems have been independently audited and certified to ISO/IEC17025.

By so doing, you will have confidence that the laboratory has the necessary equipment, management systems, technical competence and impartiality to deliver traceable and valid calibration or service results consistently.

WAGA isn't a Calibration Laboratory—our Islandwide service departments take care of all repairs. WAGA is an on-site maintenance service Provider available on a regular schedule for your Bio Medial Equipments. Wherever you are located, it is a practical, cost-effective way to ensure your instruments maintain proper working performance. The WAGA team of highly qualified, trained technicians evaluate each machine's conformity to applicable industry standards.

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