Calibration Services Terms and Conditions


Scope of Service.

WAGA will provide calibration services for Client. The provision of calibration services shall not result in WAGA product safety certification of any product, or registration of any management system. The calibration services requested by Client and to be provided by WAGA for specific projects shall be set out in individual Quotations or Applications (“Quotation”).


Calibration will be carried out traceable to SI Units and to manufacturer’s specification (where available) and a Calibration Certificate issued supplied with recorded measurement results (or functional checks if no measurements can be taken), uncertainties of measurement and equipment traceability information. SLAB calibration will be carried out if requested in advance or on customer’s paperwork. SLAB calibration costs are in addition to standard calibration costs.

Requesting Service.

The Customer shall provide a list of instruments to be calibrated or repaired at the point of WAGA receipt to satisfy the quality standards requirement for control of instrumentation and inventory. WAGA can perform accredited calibrations for instruments (measurements) that are within our scope of accreditation. The Customer shall provide written direction when requesting accredited calibrations (i.e. accredited calibration, or ISO/IEC 17025 calibration required).

Please ensure that the instruments being submitted for calibration are in proper working condition and must be accompanied by following,

  • Details of item, model, Id No, Sr. No.
  • Calibration Point and ranges to be calibrated
  • Special accessories for calibration (to be specified separately)
  • Operating manual
  • Previous Calibration Certificate (Whenever possible)


Any number of factors can cause a calibrated instrument to drift out of tolerance at any time following its calibration. WAGA does not provide any warrants that any instrument calibrated by WAGA found to be out of tolerance or malfunctioning after leaving WAGA. 


WAGA’s Quotation will establish the price for WAGA’s Services. WAGA’s Quotation will depend upon the type of product and the calibration requirements. WAGA’s Quotation is subject to change at WAGA’s discretion, upon reasonable notice to Client, depending upon the requirements of the specific project. 

Estimated Schedule.

WAGA will provide Client with an estimated time schedule in the Quotation for each calibration service. This schedule is only an estimate. Each calibration service is different and the schedule will depend on the particular service being conducted. WAGA reserves the right to amend the schedule at its discretion, upon reasonable notice to Client; or terminate the calibration service if, in WAGA’s sole discretion, the equipment cannot be properly calibrated. In such event, Client will be required to pay for the time and resources expended on the service up to the time of termination.


Client shall ship the product(s) to be calibrated to WAGA at Client’s expense and risk. Client shall provide WAGA with shipping and packaging instructions for returning the calibrated product(s) to Client, such return shipping to also be at Client’s expense and risk. Any insurance for the shipments will be at Client’s discretion and expense.

Continued Calibration.

WAGA will ship the calibrated product(s) in accordance with Client’s instructions. As WAGA has no control over the shipping or the use of the calibrated product(s) after leaving WAGA’s premises, WAGA accepts no liability for the continued calibration of the products after shipment. 


WAGA will calibrate the product(s) and will provide Client with a calibration report. WAGA will attach a sticker to the calibrated product(s), verifying the date of calibration and WAGA will not proposed the date by which calibration is next due as per ISO 17025 requirement. The sticker will not contain the WAGA certification mark. If the product(s) can not be properly calibrated, WAGA will note the product defects in the calibration report. The Original calibration certificates will be delivered only after full payment. 

Cancellation of Orders.

The Company reserves the right to charge the Customer for all costs incurred on cancelled orders.

On-site Calibration.

The Customer is responsible for giving WAGA Engineers authorisation to disconnect instruments and leads. If the Customer chooses to disconnect instruments and leads from their systems they shall then deliver the instruments to the WAGA Engineers for calibration. WAGA is not responsible for the installation or setup of the instruments following calibration or damage due to disconnecting and reconnecting instruments and leads.

The Customer is responsible for providing WAGA Engineers with an environmentally controlled area to perform calibrations. This area shall have proper lighting and electrical service as well as sufficient space to set up WAGA standards and computers.

The Customer is responsible for having instruments available to the WAGA Engineers or for delivering instruments in a timely manner to expedite the calibration process.

When requesting on-site service the Customer may review its ‘Due for Calibration” notice and modify it per the Customer’s needs. The Customer should list its preferred dates and instruments to be calibrated. From its list, WAGA will be able to quote costs and ensure the technician, procedures and standards match the needs appearing on the list.


WAGA performs all work in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. The Customer is responsible for meeting the requirements of their particular quality standards as they relate to their industry and measurement/calibration.

Calibration intervals are assigned by the Customer based on their use, environment and risk. WAGA is not liable for improper intervals set by the Customer or instrument manufacturer.

Out of Specification / Faulty Equipment and Adjustment.

If equipment fails calibration WAGA will advise the client by email of the estimated cost of repair and await their approval prior to commencing any remedial work, with the exception of replacement batteries. Non-Rechargeable Batteries. Instruments received for calibration that require replacement batteries, batteries shall be replaced without notice to the client and invoiced at an additional cost of Rs.1000.00 per battery, excluding lithium-ion batteries.

Adjustment will be carried out using the manufactures adjustment procedure or through experience/in-house procedures. If adjustment can be carried out this will be at no extra cost to the calibration charge, unless advised and quoted. If the instrument cannot be adjusted into specification the customer will be notified. If we do not hold an adjustment procedure, or software is required then we will quote for adjustment/rectification by the manufacturer. 

Failures Before / During / After Calibration.

WAGA will not be held liable for any instruments that are defective on receipt or become defective during calibration, unless by the Company’s negligence and nor will it be held liable for instruments that become faulty after calibration and return to the customer. If an instrument is faulty on receipt or fails calibration and the customer requests the instrument to be returned the full calibration fee, or a proportion of, will be charged.

On-site Service and Repair.

Repairs will be undertaken after quotation approval or with pre-approved cost levels.Our one off fixed charge for services & repairs, covers you against the cost of the service engineers call out, diagnostics & labour per One day( Max of 5 working Hours). Should your machine repair require the services of two (2) or more days, this will be in addition to above charges Any spare parts required will be charged for separately (unless pacifically stated otherwise). 

WAGA Engineers are aimed to repair most of Machines during the Visit, but the manufacturer, Machine type, model and age will have a major influence on whether we can promptly obtain replacement part(s) and ultimately complete the repair. It should also be noted that once a specific Machine is no longer made the manufacturer will only stock replacement parts for a given period.

The Customer is responsible for providing advance payment before or on the day of the engineer’s first visit via Cash or Cheque Payment for any parts that are to be ordered must be paid for on the return visit. If a required part is a special order or of a large cost, we may ask you to pay for the part before we can place the order. Parts which are not required, but have been paid for, will be refunded.

We do our utmost to attend on the date and time agreed with you at the time of booking. However occasionally may be unable to attend to the aforementioned. Should this happen, we will offer to reschedule the appointment date and time with you. If one of our engineers is attending to your property, then they may contact you directly.

We do not accept liability for any losses which you may incur before, during, or after, us providing our products/services. This includes, but is not limited to manufacturing costs Issues that may arise during your repair.

If at the time of the call out the fault is found to be as a result of misuse, neglect or poor installation or, the appliance type or fault is not as described originally, we reserve the right to charge you the full day rate. If we are unable to obtain spare parts from our suppliers to repair the machine. Then we would be unable to fix your machine under such circumstances you will still be charged the full day rate. Some repairs will require that the machine is fully accessible. If your machine cannot be easily accessed to facilitate the repair, we reserve the right to abort the repair. In such instances we reserve the right to charge you the full day rate.

The Customer shall provide safe and sufficient access for installation or removal of any goods. Whilst we will take care to install or remove appliances without damage to flooring or adjacent fittings, we cannot be liable for any such damage unless it was due to our negligence. We will endeavour to notify you if we believe insufficient access is available and you may cancel your contract if you do not wish to take the risk of damage to the surrounding area. Any damage must be reported to the engineer at the time of visit or within 48 hours to the Service Manager.

If we are unable to repair your product due to parts being obsolete/unobtainable or the product is simply uneconomical to repair then you will be charged the Day rate. Any parts fitted will be refunded or not charged for after removal. 


7-day turnaround for in-house calibration received with an order and providing all accessories required to carry out the calibration are returned with the instrument e.g. test leads, probes, software etc. There may be some occasions when this cannot be met e.g. if a prime standard fails or is offsite for third party calibration, in which case we will notify the customer either in advance or at the earliest opportunity. WAGA will not accept ‘time is of the essence’ clauses on orders or contracts, whether expressed or implied.

Payment Terms.

The payment by the customer in respect of the services shall be the amount stated in the relevant quotation, proposal, pro forma or order confirmation issued by WAGA Calibration Services Ltd. Prices quoted are solely for the performance of the services and are exclusive of VAT, insurance, repairs, replacements, custom and excise charges and carriage charges (unless quoted). The customer shall pay the consideration stated in any invoice for services provided pursuant to these terms and conditions in full and without deduction within 30 calendar days of the issue date stated on that invoice unless otherwise agreed. WAGA Calibration Services Ltd could seek immediate payment when dealing with a new customer or a customer with historically known financial irregularities and will exercise their right to terminate any contract previously agreed upon failure to pay the considered amount.

Use of Names and Marks.

Calibration Services shall not result in WAGA product safety certification or any authority  to use the Marks. Except as otherwise expressly authorised by WAGA, Client shall not use WAGA’s name, abbreviation, symbols, Marks or any other form of reference which may be interpreted to mean WAGA Calibration services (PVT) Ltd., its subsidiaries or affiliates, on any goods or their containers or packaging, or in connection with any oral or written advertising, promotions, or otherwise.

Customer Confidentiality and Proprietary Information.

WAGA personnel will remain aware of the confidential nature of Customer information learned during the course of conducting business and will not divulge such information without written consent from the Customer. Care will be taken when sending information via fax or other electronic methods so that the documents go directly to the Customer and no other. Care will be taken by WAGA personnel to hold confidential all Customer-owned documents and information and if required, return same to the Customer after use.

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