BZ15M Thermohygrometer

The indoor climate hygrometer BZ15M is easy to read and understand, it indicates the ideal climate values in interior spaces depending on room temperature and season. The special scale design with colour gradient from bright to dark yellow serves to indicate both room temperature and relative humidity. 

Moreover, the thermohygrometer is fitted with a convenient season-based ventilation recommendation – which, if consequently observed, can help prevent the harmful mold formation and growth in interior spaces. This makes the hygrometer BZ15M an ideal tool for the quick and simple climate control in living spaces including living or bedrooms, offices, training or assembly rooms.

The thermohygrometer BZ15M is equipped with a high-quality mechanical measurement technology “made in Germany” that guarantees a high measurement accuracy of ± 3 % RH in the range from 20 to 100 % RH without the need for maintenance. This mechanism is employed to measure the change in length of a specially pre-treated synthetic fiber that expands in humid conditions and contracts when it is dry. The length variation is converted into a rotary motion using levers and axes and communicated by the needle. The display of the hygrometer can easily be calibrated and amended by way of a zero correction.



Other Features

  • High quality measuring mechanism Made in Germany
  • Special scale design with seasonal ventilation indicator for optimal climate values
  • Easy to read and interpret
  • Includes calibration option



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