BZ06 Weather Station

Weather and room climate become fully transparent

The thermohydrometer BZ06 in modern design provides information quickly at one glance. Indicated in large digits on the easily legible digital display are the current indoor temperature (in °C or °F), the humidity level (in %), the date, weekday and time. Moreover, the graphically represented weather forecast indicates coming weather changes. A striking eyecatcher is the appealing and completely transparent display of this indoor climate monitoring station. The extensive functional range is completed by an alarm mode with convenient snooze button. You’re free to put the device up wherever you like: the living room, kitchen, children’s room, hobby room, bedroom, bathroom, shop, at work or you can take it along on a journey … There will be no annoying ticking, all display functions are completely noiseless – except for the alarm signal, of course.



Other Features

Digital alarm clock with snooze function

For the application in the bedroom an alarm function is integrated in the otherwise completely noiseless BZ06. The time can be displayed in either 12-hour or 24-hour format. Difficulties getting out of bed in the morning? One push of the snooze button allows you to sink back into your cushions for another 4 minutes before another beep will be emitted. And if the weather forecast promises sunshine, it is much easier to start your day in high spirits! If desired, you can also set the device to emit an acoustic signal at every full hour. And if you don’t want to be constantly reminded of the time, you can simply switch over into calendar mode. The clock’s display panel now contains the current year.



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