TP 10 IR thermometer

Whether safe diagnosis and maintenance of heating, air-conditioning and ventilation installations or extensive maintenance tasks in the industrial and craft sector – thanks to the large temperature measuring range from -50 °C to +1,850 °C, the high optical resolution of 75:1, the freely adjustable degree of emission and the manifold technical equipment features, this precision infrared thermometer is also ideally suited for complex and demanding measuring tasks during maintenance, inspection, analysis or documentation. Owing to the high distance factor the TP10 can be used for precise surface temperature measurements even at very small components and far-away objects. The integrated data logger function to capture and save up to 30 measuring points e.g. enables a simple tracing of inspection paths.


The display color indicates whether everything is okay The green backlit display of the TP10 is very easy to read even in darker environments. A practical and time-saving feature is the alarm-based display color change. User defined alarm limits can be entered for each lower and upper measured value in the device. As soon as the set limit value is reached, the display flashes blue, and if it is exceeded, red. In addition, an audible alarm signal sounds both when exceeding and falling below.
The intuitive color display makes it clear at first glance whether the measured temperature is within the preset target range, which means that even large areas can be quickly measured without having to pay attention to every single measured value.

TP 10 IR thermometer


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