Infra-red thermometer kit - RayTemp 8

Infrared thermometer kit that contains the RayTemp® 8 infrared thermometer together with a penetration probe and wipes. Each RayTemp® thermometer kit is supplied in a useful ABS carrying case with a tub of 40 anti-bacterial UniWipes.


Reliable IR measurement up to 600 °C
IR measurements from a safe distance
Memory for up to 200 readings; easy analysis with free-to-download software
4-point-laser and 50:1 optics for precise measurements over greater distances
The practical infrared thermometer testo 835-T1 offers The RayTemp® 8 infra-red thermometer is compact, gun-shaped, lightweight and easy to use. Simply aim, press the button and display the temperature of the item being measured. The LCD display gives a digital read-out of temperature over the range of -60 to 500°C.
This infra-red thermometer incorporates a clear, easy to read, LCD display with low battery indication. The RayTemp® 8 infra-red thermometer incorporates an auto power off facility that turns the instrument off after 60 seconds, maximising battery life. The infra-red thermometer features a laser dot alignment for ease of use.
The RayTemp® 8 features a four-button keypad, allowing the user to select °C/°F and max/min. Additionally, the difference between the maximum and minimum temperature and the average temperature can be displayed.
maximum safety and precision when measuring the temperature of smaller objects from a medium distance.

RayTemp 8


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