BP17 IR Thermometer

Whether we’re talking about the commercial sector or the hobby sector − monitoring the surface temperature of electric devices, motors, cooling systems or walls is an important issue with regard to the subject of energy efficiency. Continuous temperature measurement can often already avoid greater damage and costly remediation work beforehand. As you do not have to touch the surfaces which might be too hot or cold, you always play it safe when carrying out measurements with infrared radiation.


If you want to check certain measured values regularly, you can select a reference temperature in advance and set tolerance limits of 1 °C, 3 °C or 5 °C. If the measured temperature value lies outside the limit corridor, this is indicated by a colored display and an acoustic signal.

Green for tolerance value
You have specified a reference value of 25 °C and set a threshold value of 1 °C. If the measured surface temperature is between 24 °C and 26 °C – i.e. within the tolerance range – the display lights up green.

Blue for underrun
The reference value is preset to 20 °C and the selected tolerance limit is +/- 3 °C. So if the measured temperature was between 17 °C and 23 °C, everything would be fine. However, if the measured value is below 17 °C, the display will light up blue and you will also hear a signal at long intervals.

Red when exceeded
The reference value is 30 °C and the sensitivity level is 5 °C. Thus, a measured temperature between 25 °C and 35 °C is within the tolerance range. If, however, the surface temperature of the measured material is above the maximum value of 35 °C, the display lights up red and an acoustic signal sounds at short intervals. With the BP17, you can see directly at all times whether your specified temperature range is being maintained without having to pay attention to the exact values.

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