Digital Burette

The digital burette TITREX is ideal for a fast and sensitive titration “drop by drop”. One instrument simulates all volumes up to 99.99 ml. Moreover, titration is possible without any loss of reagent! From air-purging, necessary for a precise titration, to disassembly of the burette in the end of the titration – the reagent, that is not needed for the titration flows back into the bottle! TITREX‘s accuracy and precision are of highest quality. Our error ranges are better than those required by ISO 8655-3. The memory function allows saving of up to 1000 values, which can be transferred to a PC and read using the included software.

  • high quality precision instrument, made in Germany
  • highest accuracy and precision, our error ranges are better than the DIN EN ISO 8655-3 requirements
  • resistant against most acids and alkalis
  • exclusive instrument with 0% loss of reagent – air-purging and draining within a closed circuit
  • 360° rotatable valve block for your added safety
  • two-in- one instrument: dosing & titration
  • covers the complete volume range up to 50 ml when used as a dispenser and up to 99.99 ml when used as a burette
  • easy and precise volume setting
  • vertical valves: no sedimentation, no contamination
  • 100 % drip-free by turning the cannula at 180°
  • no transcriptions errors due to automatic value storage and the possibility of
  • transferring values to a PC via RS232 interface (USB adapter optional available)


Quick and precise volume settingThe dispensing and titration volume can be set by turning the handwheels. The mode can be changed by pressing „DOS“ respectively „TIT“. The display shows the emitted volume („TIT“ mode) respectively the filled volume („DOS“ mode).

Perfect air-purging mechanism for 0% reagent lossTurn the discharge tube at 90°. Remove (purge) trapped air without reagent loss by pumping in a closed circuit. The reagent flows back into the bottle! After pumping 2 – 3 times the dispenser is free of air and ready to use. This special feature helps not only to save residual reagent but also when accidentally setting the wrong volume!

360°-turn for your added safetyNo matter how much you tighten TITREX, you can always redirect the discharge tube by simply turning the valve block to the desired position. This way the label of the bottle is always visible. This feature works for all our adapters. Adapters for different bottle threads can remain on the bottle.

Digital Burette

5497050, 5497150

Other Features

  • calibration: standard with water of 20°C
  • software enables saving the next calibration date
  • recalibration for liquids of different viscosities possible e.g. determination of acid content in milk
  • easy to dismantle and to clean, valve block autoclavable at 121°C
  • automatic power-cut-off after three minutes
  • including NiMH 1,2V 2100mAh battery
  • individual certificate, CE label and serial number
  • DE-M marked according to the German calibration law

TITREX, suction tube, discharge tube, instruction manual, individual certificate, serial number, battery charger with EU and US adapter, software TITREXSOFT, RS232 interface cord, thread adapter A25, A28, GL32/45, S40



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