Witoped XP Pipette Filler

WITOPED XP is a professional electric pipetting aid, suitable for all pipettes up to 100 ml. The special features like speed adjustable suction and dispensing buttons, the comfortable base which allows stable placing of the device inclusive attached pipette as well as the high-precision, long lasting motor make WITOPED XP an indispensable device in your laboratory.

  • high-quality instrument, most competitive price
  • high-precision, durable motor
  • individual adjustment of suction and dispensing speed
  • three pipetting speeds selectable:
    (F) Fast = 10 ml/s
    (M) Medium = 5 ml/s
    (S) Slow = 1 ml/s
    (G) Gravity drain
  • gravity drain mode for draining out without using any motor
  • suitable for all pipettes up to 100 ml
  • handy and light weighted for fatigue-proof pipetting
  • tight fit of any pipette into the pipette socket
Pipette Filler

5380001, 5380002, 5380006, 5380004

Other Features

  • nosepiece autoclavable at 121°C
  • removable stand for stable holding of instrument along with attached pipette
  • including wall bracket
  • including NiMH 8,4V 200mAh battery
  • CE label

Nosepiece release: This button protects against accidentally releasing the nosepiece.

Nosepiece: The nosepiece is suitable for all kinds of pipettes. In case of contamination, the nosepiece can be easily removed in order to exchange the filter and the silicone adapter.

Removable stand: The removable stand allows stable placing of the device along with attached pipette.



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