WITOPED eco Pipette Filler

WITOPED eco Pipette Filler

WITOPED eco is an economically priced electric pipette aid, suitable for all pipettes up to 100 ml. The new model has an advanced digital display and faster suction performance: 25 ml in less than 5 seconds.

  • suitable for all pipettes up to 100 ml and Pasteur pipettes
  • most affordable price in its class
  • digital display indicating battery status and selected speed
  • fine adjustment of pipetting speed
  • tight fit of any pipette into the pipette socket
  • handy and light weighted for fatigue-free pipetting, only approximately 200 g
  • simple but powerful motor for fast and reliable pipetting
  • gravity drain mode (G) for draining out without using any motor
  • nosepiece with replaceable filter and silicone adapter
  • silicone adapter autoclavable at 121°C
  • efficient battery for a long runtime, Li-Ion 3,7V 700 mAh
  • battery life over 8 hours
  • low battery alert, acoustic signal when the charge level is low
  • rechargeable during use
  • CE label
eco Pipette Filler

5381000, 5380006E, 5382010

Other Features

  • Accessories: The pipetting aid set includes a charger, a practical table stand that enables the device to be set down safely, a replacement filter and an adapter for wall mounting.Advanced digital display and speed setting: The LCD display indicates battery status and set speed. The pipetting speed can be adjusted in 6 levels, numbered from 1-6, and is easy to read. The new adjustment buttons “+/-” have been sensitively optimized. The charge level of the battery can be easily seen in 5 block levels. In this way, you can charge your pipetting aid in time.

    Nosepiece: The nosepiece is suitable for all types of pipettes, as the inner cone is made of silicone and holds all known pipette suction tubes in place. If contamined, the nosepiece can be easily removed in order to exchange the filter and the silicone adapter.

    Dispenser buttons: The WITOPED eco has two buttons on the handle. The upper button controls the filling process of the pipette. Its speed can be finely adjusted in 6 levels.
    When pressing the lower button, the pipette is emptied with the same speed mode from 1 to 6. Gravity drain mode (G) for draining out without using the motor is also possible. The speed can also be regulated by pressing the buttons carefully.



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