Wito Pipette Controller

Wito Pipette Controller

WITO pipette controller is the classical pipetting aid, suitable for all pipettes up to 100 ml.

  • good quality for an affordable price
  • simple, maintenance-free device
  • robust and light weighted
  • made for a long life time
  • easy selection between suction and dispensing
  • available in 5 colors
  • silicone adapter autoclavable at 121°C

WITO pipette controller, replacement filter

Pipette Controller

5382000, 5382001, 5382002, 5382004, 5382006, 5382020

Other Features

  • Suction bellow:The pipette is easily filled by squeezing the suction bellow.Controller: The pipetting mechanism is mechanical and therefore maintenance-free.

    Nosepiece: The nosepiece is suitable for all pipettes up to 100 ml. In case of contamination, the nosepiece can be easily removed in order to exchange the filter and the silicone adapter.

    Pipetting lever: With the spring-loaded lever the selection between suction (up) and dispensing (down) can be easily made. Above the WITO pipetting aids pipetting lever is a small rubber ball, which enables the liquid residues to be blown out at the end of the pipetting process. If you press the rubber ball, the residual liquid is precisely blown out and guarantees safe, accurate pipetting.

    Technique inside: WITO pipette controller delivers reliable results.



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