Witopet professional

WITOPET professional single-channel is the classical microliter pipette, made for the daily use in the laboratory: accurate, robust and handy. The seven models available cover a volume range from 0.2 ?l to 5 ml.

  • high quality pipette, made in Germany
  • economical priced
  • perfect for precise laboratory applications
  • 7 color-coded single-channel models
  • high accuracy and precision according to DIN EN ISO 8655-2
  • ergonomic designed and low weighted
  • optimized spring force for comfortable pipetting
  • robust and stable construction
  • tip ejector and piston made of stainless steel
  • suitable for all established brands of pipette tips
  • completely autoclavable at 121°C*
  • individual certificate and serial number
  • DE-M marked according to the German calibration law

*1000 – 5000 ml pipette filter only separately autoclavable

Witopet Professional

5402002, 5402010, 5402100, 5402200, 5402901, 5402950

Other Features

Push-button:The push button is color-coded to avoid confusion and softly gliding for comfortable pipetting.

Adjustment screwThe color-coded adjustment screw ensures easy and accurate volume setting.

Piston: The optimized piston allows fine adjustment of the pipetting forces, making the WITOPET professional perfect for precise laboratory applications like e.g. gel loading.

Color-Code: The push button, the adjustment thread and the tip ejector button are color coded and help to distinguish all pipettes at a single glance.

Piston:Enjoy pipetting with WITOPET premium! The new piston allows extremely low pipetting forces. The result is smooth and fatigue-free pipetting and minimized risk of repetitive stress disorder.

Tip cone: The tip cone is suitable for all established brands of pipette tips.



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