Witopet Premium

Looking for the latest pipetting innovation at an attractive price? The microliter pipette WITOPET premium is just the right pipette for you. The ergonomic designed pipette of optimal weightiness requires extremely low pipetting forces making even prolonged pipetting as comfortable as possible. Other innovative features are the adjustable tip ejector button and the built-in volume locking. Moreover, WITOPET premium is characterized by superior accuracy and precision. Our error ranges are better than those required by DIN EN ISO 8655-2.

  • highest quality, made in France
  • best in its class performance, most competitive price
  • highest accuracy and precision, our error ranges are better than the DIN EN ISO 8655-2 requirements
  • extremely light weightiness, while the robustness still remains
  • perfect ergonomics for highest comfort
  • extremely low pipetting forces for minimized risk of a cramp
  • built-in volume locking for error-free results
  • innovative tip ejector button, adjustable for right- and left-handed users*
  • secure tip ejection, made of stainless steel*
  • built-in recalibration mechanism (calibration tool inclusive)
  • 8 color-coded models
  • soft-spring system
  • completely autoclavable 20 minutes at 121°C (DIN EN ISO 285)
  • individual certificate and serial number
  • DE-M marked according to the German calibration law

* 500-5000?l and 1-10ml version without tip ejector

** The mentioned results can only be achieved with matching original Gilson® Diamond Tips.

Witopet Premium

5402002P, 5402020P, 5402100P, 5402200P, 5402901P, 5402950P, 5402910P

Other Features

Push-button:The push-button is color coded.

Volume locking: Once set, the desired volume is locked and cannot be accidentally changed. This useful feature allows accuracy and precision until the end of a pipetting phase.

Tip ejector button*: The tip ejector button is adjustable. It doesn’t matter if you are right or left-handed, this innovative feature allows effort-saving, comfortable ejection of the used pipette tips.

Body: The body of the innovative pipette is made of PP, giving the pipette light weightiness while the robustness still remains. In addition, the smooth, rounded body fits perfect in your hand: There is no sticking to or sliding off of the handle. The result is an extremely light pipette which fits naturally in your hand!

Piston:Enjoy pipetting with WITOPET premium! The new piston allows extremely low pipetting forces. The result is smooth and fatigue-free pipetting and minimized risk of repetitive stress disorder.



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