Witopet Economy

Witopet Economy

WITOPET economy is the classical microliter pipette perfectly designed for rapid and comfortable pipetting in 96 well plates.

  • perfectly designed for 96 well plates
  • quality pipette at a very competitive price
  • available with 8 or 12 channels
  • accuracy and precision according to DIN EN ISO 8655-2
  • set volume almost impossible to change during pipetting
  • 360° rotatable pipetting unit for more flexibility
  • suitable for most brands of pipette tips
  • easy release of the used tips
  • easy cleaning and maintenance
  • pipetting unit autoclavable at 121°C
  • individual certificate and serial number
  • DE-M marked according to the German calibration law
Witopet Economy

5403101, 5403201, 5403105, 5403205, 5403130, 5403230

Other Features

Dosing button:The dosing button guarantees perfect dosing results until the end of a pipetting phase, even for beginners. The push button with integrated adjustment screw makes changing the volume by mistake during pipetting almost impossible.

Finger rest & pipette holder:The large finger rest supports your whole hand during pipetting. It has also the function of a pipette holder in combination with the original support – for a safe and tidy workplace.

Volumetric display: The 3-digit display is easy to read and suitable for volumes from 0.5 – 300 ?l.

Tip ejector: The tip ejector releases the used tip easily.

Pipetting unit:We used efficient components for high accuracy and precision in accordance with ISO standards. The pipetting unit can be turn around (360°) for increased flexibility.

Reliable technique: The integrated mechanism is working properly every time WITOPET economy is used.

Tip cones: The tip cones are suitable for all established brands of pipette tips.



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