Witopet EP – Single

Looking for the most comfortable way of pipetting? The electronic microliter pipette WITOPET EP is the right product for you. The motorized pipetting process has at least two major advantages compared with manual pipetting: it avoids pipetting errors user induced and it prevents the risk of a cramp after prolonged pipetting phases. WITOPET EP is available as single- and multi-channel pipette.

  • ideal for prolonged pipetting
  • minimal pipetting forces required
  • automatic pipetting process for highest comfort and accuracy
  • multiple functions (auto-pipetting, mixing, multiple dispensing, sequential aspirating / dispensing)
  • 9 memory settings
  • 5 speed settings for different viscosities
  • user friendly digital display
  • 360° rotatable pipetting unit for more flexibility (multi-channel only)
  • including Li-ion 3,6V 1000mAh battery
  • serial number and CE label
  • individual certificate according to DIN EN ISO 8655-2
  • DE-M marked according to the German calibration law

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Digital display: The user-friendly display indicates set volume, set function, pipetting step, battery status etc.

Volume and function setting: The buttons for volume and function setting are color-coded to avoid confusion.

Push-button: Draw up and release of the set volume occurs with minimal effort for highest user comfort.

Tip ejector: The tip ejector releases the used tip easily.

Motor: A high precision stepping motor ensures absolute correct automatic pipetting without any mistake.

Tip cone: The tip cone is suitable for all established brands of pipette tips.

Witopet EP

5402320S, 5402390S

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