MINISPENSOR Bottle Top Dispenser

MINISPENSOR Bottle Top Dispenser

The MINISPENSOR is ideal for long pipetting series where you need a fixed micro-volume. In contrast to fixed volume microliter pipettes, no pipette tips are required. There are four color-coded models available, with two definite volumes in a range of 50 ?l to 2000 ?l. You can simply change the dispensing volume to 50% by turning the push button.

  • high quality precision instrument, made in Germany
  • alternative to microliter pipettes – no tips required!
  • suitable for most liquids, ideal for crystalline solutions
  • highest accuracy and precision
  • direct displacement piston system
  • comfortable handling for larger pipetting series
  • four color-coded models available
  • easy volume setting, two definite volumes each dispenser
  • easy to clean, autoclavable at 121°C
  • suitable for safe storage in a fridge
  • automatic refilling, one handed operation
  • individual certificate and serial number
  • DE-M marked according to the German calibration law

MINISPENSOR, 100ml bottle, instruction manual, individual certificate, serial number, thread adapter (GL28/GL32)


5371525, 5371950, 5371990

Other Features

Volume setting: Each MINISPENSOR is able to dispense two definite volumes. They are easy to set: Just push and turn the button at 180°.

Dispensing system: The direct displacement system of the MINISPENSOR is for universal use and ideal for crystalline solutions.

One handed dispensing: The MINISPENSOR can easily be used with just one hand.

The components having direct contact with the reagent are made of chemical resistant materials: ceramic valve balls, PTFE piston, borosilicate glass 3.3 cylinder, borosilicate glass 3.3 valve



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