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Remote Colour Assessment

DigiView is the smart software for vision-based remote colour assessment.
DigiView provides an industry proven way to view calibrated colour images of the samples, visualising the colour data to see how the colour looks like. Then, the colour calibrated images are sent to viewing stations at the retailers, where buyers simply open the images, and assess colour digitally on screen of the sample against the standard.
DigiView allows the user to assess colour accurately on screen from anywhere in the world without the need for physical samples.
Traditional methods of colour assessment require the shipping of colour submissions, that usually takes up to 15 days or longer, for the colour to be approved or rejected.
The digital colour assessment with DigiView reduces assessment time of samples from days and weeks to less than 24 hours, enabling retailers, manufacturers and suppliers to speed up the colour approval process and making reliable colour decisions within the hour.
Users are reporting that in nearly all cases they make same decisions on screen as when they assess the physical samples a few days later in a Light Booth.

Other Features

  • Reduce assessment time to less than 24 hours
  • Assess colour objectively with accurate colour data and high quality of visual representation
  • Improve speed to market and minimise late production
  • Dramatically reduce courier costs associated with the shipping of colour samples
  • Make colour decisions easily and with confidence
  • Provide autonomy to international vendors all over the globe for self-approving the colour submissions
  • Assess any kind of sample; large or small, liquid or powder




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