Drying oven SWOV Vacuum oven SmartLab

Drying oven SWOV Vacuum oven SmartLab

Ideal for:

  • drying, baking, conditioning, curing, out-glassing solids and liquids, vacuum embedding, moisture testing, plating and aging test
  • very easy and convenient for vacuuming and venting, easy to read vacuum gauge
  • high quality door sealing: high temperature grade silicone molded gasket
  • superior uniformity and stability
  • safety window: tempered safety glass 12T & polycarbonate 5T
  • compact new body design
  • stainless steel interior, powder-coated steel body and glass wool insulation
  • 2x aluminium shelves included
  • CE & UL/CUL certified and unique serial number for tracing

Temperature uniformity successfully tested by ASTM standards: All incubators and ovens are thoroughly tested, using 12 temperature sensors and the latest instruments to obtain validation, which corresponds to international standards.

Green product: All incubators and ovens achieve minimum power consumption by using heating elements consuming minimum power adjusted for the capacity and temperature of the chamber.


18.6L (with smart-Lab TM controller, with viewing window), 30L (with smart-Lab TM controller, with viewing window), 70L (with smart-Lab TM controller, with viewing window)

Other Features

  • Safety mechanism:

    • push alarm service to your smartphone
    • overheat and over-current protection
    • sensor error detection and leakage breaker


    • Smart-Lab™ controller with 4? full touch screen TFT LCD:
      • WiRe™ app service, remote control system
      • variable program settings
      • self-diagnostic function
      • automatic data recording
      • data transfer to PC by USB memory
      • Internet connectivity with WiFi

    Recommended vacuum pump for 18.6l- and 30l-oven: Rocker 810
    Recommended vacuum pump for 70l-oven: Rocker 800/Rocker 811



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