ARGOLAB Forced Air Oven, PLUS Version

ARGOLAB Forced Air Oven, PLUS Version

Range: from 10 °C above ambient temperature up to 300 °C. Net volume of 50 liters.Temperature variation in the time at 150 °C: ± 0.3 °C, temperature uniformity in the space at 150 °C: ± 2%. Digital PID controller with limited number of adjustment keys for easy parameter setting. Wide backlit LCD display for simultaneous reading of the set temperature, the real one, and all other operating parameters. Visual and audible Alarm be disable by the operator. Digital timer with range of programming 1 min – 99 h and 59 min. and continuous function. Possibility to set a delay in the start of the heating cycle. Temperature limiter adjustable work by the operator for the protection of the samples (function ‘safe temperature’).

Plus Version, 7 programs that can be memorized with 10 steps each (temperature, time, fan speed) and a further basic program with a single operating step (temperature, time, fan speed).
Packaging and transport included.
ARGOLAB Natural Convection Oven, PLUS Version

TCF50 41100202 – 50L, TCF120 41100212 – 120L, TCF200 41100222 – 200L, TCF400 41100232 – 400L

Other Features

  • Safety mechanism:

    • push alarm service to your smartphone
    • locking mode
    • overheat and over-current protection
    • sensor error detection


    • Smart-Lab™ controller with 4? full touch screen TFT LCD:
      • WiRe™ app service, remote control system
      • variable program settings
      • self-diagnostic function
      • automatic data recording
      • data transfer to PC by USB memory
      • Internet connectivity with WiFi

    Drying oven SWON, 2 wire shelves, power cable, instruction manual



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