LABTEX Glass Reactor

LABTEX Glass Reactor

This S212 Series glass reactor can be designed to be double glass reactor or three layers of glass reactor. The inner layer adding the reactant to stirrer, jacketed layer can through the heating oil or coolant to do the distillation/cooled reaction. It takes reaction under normal pressure or negative pressure and constant stirring. It is an ideal equipment for chemistry, fine-chemical, bio-pharmaceuticals, and the synthesis, test, and production of new materials. such us combination, reaction, separation, concentration, etc.
The reactor can be a system with vacuum pump, chiller/heater and heating & cooling circulating device

  • GG-17 high borosilicate glass has good chemical-physical attribute.
  • Low speed booster motor; High torque; no spark; frequency control, smooth operation.
  • PTFE rotary seal assembly; Patented product; High vacuum degree and long useful life.
  • PTFE discharge valve, discharge completely and quickly, no leak/pollution to the solvent.
  • PTFE stirring paddle, suitable for low and high viscosity liquid stirring and mixing.
  • Selection of our company’s heating and cooling circulating device, we match standard connector and the suitable connection pipe.

100ml~1L, 200ml~2L, 500ml~3L, 500ml~5L, 2L~10L, 2L~20L, 5L~30L, 5L~50L, 10L~80L, 10L~100L, 25L~150L, 30L~200L

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