UniFreeze Ultra Low Freezer -95°C

  • The witeg ultra low temperature freezer SWUF-D Duo Freeze Smart Lab is available in 4 sizes of 308/393/503/714 liters.
    All devices are UL/CUL, CE and RoHs certified. The 503 liter version is also GMP certified.
    The witeg ultra low temperature freezers are characterized by safety and environmental friendliness and are an ideal basis, especially for vaccines in times of Corona.
    Witeg ultra low freezers offer an optimal solution for storing vaccines that are now available to fight COVID-19. A number of safety devices guarantee absolute temperature stability during vaccine storage, which is supported by an optimized control system with automatic data recording, self-diagnosis function, remote control system with app service.
    The ultra low temperature freezers from witeg can be easily operated via the TFT LCD full-touch screen and offer extensive storage and programming functions, which are essential when storing vaccines that are subject to cold chains.
  • CFC free refrigerant (R-404A)
  • DuoFreeze™ with 2 compressors: when one system fails, the other still cools down to -80°C
  • automatic vacuum breaker – easy to re-open the door
  • external temperature sensor hole
  • block condenser removes filter & causes of related failure
  • filter-free mechanism lowers heat from the compressor
  • easy maintenance and improved performance
  • high-quality insulation panel and inner doors ensure defrosting around outer surface

Ultra low temperature freezers from witeg

  • Ultra-deep cooling down to -95°C
  • especially suitable for vaccines
  • DuoFreeze SmartLab with 2 compressors: If one system fails, the other still cools down to -80

SWUF-D300 – 308L, SWUF-D400 – 393L, SWUF-D500 – 503L, DH.SWUF01700

Other Features

Safety mechanism:

  • push alarm service to your smartphone
  • sensor error detection
  • door locking system, door open error
  • door ajar and power failure alarm
  • standard warning and alarm functions


  • Smart-Lab™ controller with 7″ full touch screen TFT LCD:
    • WiRe™ app service, remote control system
    • variable program settings
    • self-diagnostic function
    • automatic data recording
    • data transfer to PC by USB memory
    • Internet connectivity with WiFi
    • easy monitoring and control – eye level controller
    • stainless steel interior, powder-coated steel body and inner door
    • 3x stainless steel shelves to separate chamber into 4 sub-chambers included
    • castors for easy movement
    • UL/CUL, CE & RoHS certified and unique serial number for tracing
    • SWUF-D500 model is GMP certified



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