TTR 2000

Several hundred kilogrammes of dehumidification performance per day present no challenge for the TTR 2000 – not even in cold ambient conditions with low dew points. Therefore, the industrial desiccant dehumidifier is ideally suited for the most diverse air and gas dehumidification tasks in industrial, haulage or utility companies, for instance to secure products and production, for the value retention of machines, inventory and buildings through constant protection against corrosion, condensation or mould formation.

With the standard stainless steel housing and an electrical control box with protection type IP44 the corrosion-proof TTR 2000 withstands even the harshest of environmental conditions and is therefore ideally suited for all applications related to dry keeping or the production of dry air at low temperatures or under particularly material-straining conditions – also in hygiene-sensitive areas.



Other Features

    • Robust and maintenance-friendly stainless steel housing
    • Rotor rotation control (rotor and drive)
    • Duoventic control respectively for process air and regeneration air fans
    • Overtemperature protection system with restart lock (regeneration air)
    • Operating temperature management (regeneration air)
    • G4 air filters in Z-line design with electronic monitoring and collective warning light
    • External on/off terminals and hygrostat terminals
    • Potential-free contacts for operation, fault and filter
    • Configurable air direction reversal

    Thanks to manifold equipment options the TTR 2000 can moreover be equipped precisely to meet your individual needs.



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