DH 160

The industrial condenser dryer DH 160 which can also be supplied in a stainless steel housing is characterized by a high dehumidification capacity, reliable continuous operation properties and practice-oriented equipment options alike. Designed for the operation whilst positioned on the floor, the device – given on-site preparation – can also easily be used when mounted to the wall or ceiling. Also it can be connected to existing ducted air systems.

The dehumidifier DH 160 comes with a smoothly running scroll compressor for constant, pulsation-free pressure to ensure an energy-efficient refrigeration. Combined with its self-regulating EC radial fan this robust industrial dryer allows for a constantly high dehumidification performance during continuous operation even at low temperatures.


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Other Features

  • Stainless steel version
    Ideal for the application in areas with special hygienic requirements or particularly reactive air environments. The AISI 316 stainless steel housing can easily be cleaned, it is especially resistant to various chemical solutions like sulphuric acid or iodides. Furthermore, AISI 316 has a very high corrosion resistance – especially with regards to chlorides.
  • Heat exchanger with CDC coating
    Ideal for the application in especially reactive air environments. Due to the cathodic dip coating (CDC) the coating of the heat exchangers is resistant to solvents and corrosion as well as to acids and alkalis.
  • High-pressure fan
    For a greater volumetric flow the fan is available with a static pressure increase (200 Pa) which enables longer air transport distances e.g. when connecting the device to existing ducted air systems.
  • Defrosting below 0 °C
    To lower the dew point in particularly cold environments such as cold stores the operating temperature range of the DH 160 can be enhanced to between -0.5 °C and +42 °C.



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