DH 115 S

The DH 115 S not only extracts humidity out of the ambient air but this industrial dehumidifier as well reduces unpleasant smells and improves the air quality. Its strong dehumidification performance and a maintenance-friendly construction are highly convincing. In many industrial processes, manufacturing facilities or storages dry air is required: our professional dehumidifier provides the optimal climatic conditions in larges plants or halls to avoid the softening of carton packaging for example. Moisture damages during industrial processes can become very expensive. First of all, expensive systems and machines must be protected against moisture as well as condensation and rusting. The DH 115 S is precisely appropriate for that purpose and perfectly applicable for room sizes up to 3,200 m³ Additionally, this powerful industrial dehumidifier has, unlike competitor models in the same class, an integrated condensate pump.Every device is checked by Trotec separately and improved in several aspects like electrics, housing and water discharge according to European standard. With that as well as due to the maintenance-friendly housing it sets standards in its class.


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Other Features

  • Dehumidification performance (30°C/ 80 r.h.): 245 l/24 h
  • Air flow rate: 2,600 m³/h
  • Working range temperature: 5°- 38°C
  • Operating range humidity: 40% r.H. to 90% r.H.
  • Suitable for room sizes up to: 3,200 m³
  • Input voltage: 400V / 50Hz
  • Max. power input.: 4.4 kW
  • Nominal power: 2.9 kW
  • Nominal current: 6 A
  • Refrigerant: R407c (1.25 kg)
  • Sound level (1 m distance): 70 dB A
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 470 x 780 x 1738 mm
  • Weight: 125 kg



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