TTK 350 S

Black and white combined in a powerful device. The TTK 350 S makes you stop thinking in terms of black and white or good and cheap. It is simply both combined in one device, allowing you to benefit from prices at a Far East level without having to compromise in terms of workmanship and reliability. For the quality of this dehumidifier is no accident – but traditional EU manufacturing.

This high-performance construction dryer dehumidifies rooms with a size of up to 180 m² with a dehumidification performance of up to 70 litres in 24 hours. The desired humidity level can be preselected between 32 % and 100 % RH using the practical rotary switch, and the TTK 350 S then works in a fully automatic fashion thanks to its hygrostat operation. Furthermore it generates a strong air circulation of 1,000 cubic metres per hour.

Not only the plastic-coated metal housing but also the stable carriage construction with bar handle and large transport wheels for maximum mobility demonstrate the robust and durable design of this reliable dehumidifier.

TTK 350S

TTK 350S

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