TTK 170 S

Whether for drying after water damage, construction drying or dry keeping of heated or unheated storage and work rooms, with this universal dehumidifier you can benefit from a budget-friendly dehumidification solution without compromising in terms of workmanship or reliability. For behind the price tag on a Far East level, there is a robust metal plate from traditional EU manufacturing accommodating tried and tested brand technology that runs and runs and runs. Easy-care, low-maintenance, reasonably priced.
The TTK 170 S is equipped with a professional hot gas automatic defrost system and dehumidifies rooms with a size of up to 180 m² and a performance of up to 50 litres in 24 hours. This high-performance construction dryer is hygrostat-controlled. The desired humidity level can be preselected between 32 % and 100 % RH using the practical rotary switch. Furthermore it generates an air volume of 580 cubic metres per hour. Thanks to its stable carriage construction and the large impellers you can easily and frequently change its application site.

TTK 170S

TTK 170S

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