MultiTest-i Single-column force tester

MultiTest-i Single-column force tester

The MultiTest-i tensile and compression tester is controlled by software running on a computer. It delivers both consistency and reliability by controlling the key test parameters of force, displacement, and speed.

The MultiTest-i tensile and compression tester is controlled by software run on a computer. It delivers both consistency and reliability by controlling the key test parameters of force, displacement and speed.

This means that the inherent variability found when using manual test methods is almost fully removed. It is relied on by quality-control professionals around the world to objectively assess the mechanical strength of their components, assemblies and finished products.

The single-column MultiTest-i testers are the perfect solution for measuring forces up to 5 kN (1100 lbf) on a huge variety of components made from almost any material, either during their normal operation or when being pulled/pushed until they deliberately fail or break.

Their compact design ensures they occupy very little space on the bench-top and their intuitive controls make them easy to use, even for novice operators.

The versatile construction of these single-column tensile testers means that you can test high-elongation specimens on the long travel 0.5kN and 1kN models, making them ideal for tensile and adhesive peel tests on plastics and rubbers. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our popular 2.5 kN and 5 kN models for general purpose testing of smaller specimens to determine their tension, compression, flexure, shear and fracture characteristics.

Whichever tester you choose you can be sure that Mecmesin will deliver you an affordable solution that does not break your budget. That’s why customers from industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, cosmetics, electronics, packaging, pharmaceutical & medical, have all come to rely on Mecmesin as their partner of choice when it comes to tensile and compression testing.

The single-column MultiTest-i testing system comprises four key elements:

Tension & Compression

Test frame-rated capacity
Model 0.5 kN 1 kN 2.5 kN 5 kN
N 500 1000 2500 5000
kg 50 100 250 500
lbf 110 220 550 1100



Headroom (vertical space to fit sample)

1205 mm (47″) – 0.5kN model
1005 mm (39″) – 1kN model
526 mm (21″) – 2.5kN model
590 mm (23″) – 5kN model

Throat depth (column to center-line of loadcell)

67 mm (2.6″) – 0.5, 1 & 2.5kN models
95 mm (3.7″) – 5kN model


1616 mm (64″) – 0.5kN model
1416 mm (56″) – 1kN model
941 mm (37″) – 2.5kN model
1082 mm (43″) – 5kN model


290 mm (11.4″) – 0.5, 1 & 2.5kN models
328 mm (12.9″) – 5kN model


414 mm (16.3″) – 0.5, 1 & 2.5kN models
526 mm (20.7″) – 5kN model


31 kg (68 lbs ) – 0.5kN model
27.5 kg (61 lbs) – 1kN model
24 kg (53 lbs) – 2.5kN model
38 kg (84 lbs) – 5kN model
Excluding console, approx. 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)


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